Singles Seeking Love For A Lifetime

“The Attractor Factor”


 7 Week Course Available Through Group, Individual, or Zoom/Phone sessions

I invite and support you to activate your power to clear blocks, open pathways to pleasure, and magnetize healthy, happy love.  

LIBERATE yourself to create a Miracle in your love life!

Would you like to:

  • Clear unconscious disempowering patterns in love

  • Shift to seeing yourself as the source of your experience, to access resources for love, within

  • Cultivate greater mastery of communication in and out of the bedroom 

  • Discover secrets from the Red Tent to open and become more magnetic to receiving wholehearted love.   

"Calling in the One" is a powerful technology that fully empowers you to create shifts to enhance and embody love, inside and out. 

I am a certified “Calling in the One’ coach, through Katherine Woodward Thomas' program, "Calling in the One:.

What you can expect:

Week One:  Opening to Love

  • Mastering a Mindset to Magnetize Love  

  • Visioning Meditation

Week Two:  Releasing Your Internal Barriers to Love

  • Leaving the Past, Stepping into your Future  

  • Release Ceremony

Week Three:  Being Love through healing core wounds

  • Transforming limiting beliefs to align with your True Love Identity

Week Four:  Deepening Self-Love as a resilient foundation for Love.

  • Self-Love Meditation

Week Five:  Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Women – yes, even if you are single!

  • Healing around our Attractiveness and Desirability

  • Gaining Mastery in the Arts of Pleasure

Week Six:  Communication In and Out of the Bedroom

  • Huge download of resources made available.    

  • Role play practice for sensitive subjects

Week Seven: Unleash your Fire and Fragrance.

  • Living Life Fulfilled

  • Synthesis and Celebration