Love, God & Sex


Love, God and Sex is a 9 week healing and transformative journey for women Awaken the body through somatic, sensory exercises.

Each week we will use breath, movement and powerful, state-of-the-art tools to explore, expand and express our Divine Birthright - our Erotic Truth.  We will walk the ISIS Wheel of Sexual Experience integrating the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our sexuality.  

The program  is divided into three cycles:
Re-Enter the Garden
~  Return to Innocence
~  Heal Shame, Secrets and Sense of Separation  
~  Integrate Spirituality and Sexuality  
~  Make peace with and love your sexual story. 

Dance With Your Beloved
~ Learn and practice Empowered, Effective Communication for    increased intimacy in all your relationships - In and Out of the   Bedroom.  
~  Better understand women and men's anatomy.
~  Discover the keys to sexual ecstasy!

 Activate Your Fire and Fragrance
~  Claim your Fire & Passion  
~  Awaken the body through dance & somatic, sensory exercises
~  Celebrate and own your Sacred Sexual Sizzle!

"Isn't the Pleasure of Sex one of God's Greatest Gifts to Humanity?" 


“Sex.  It isn’t all that it’s cracked it up to be.”  That's what my mother told me when I was 15, growing up in Virginia, in the Bible Belt.  But her advice didn’t stop there.  She had two more.  It was her trinity:  “Wait ‘til you're married,” “Don't get pregnant,” and “Sex isn't all that it’s cracked up to be.”

That same year, I attended church camp, in a rural mining village of West Virginia.   The heavyweight evangelical keynote speaker, Josh McDowell, took the stage, and spoke with celestial authority: “Girls, if you let a guy take you to first base, it’s a slippery slope.  There is an invisible line and you don’t know the power of crossing it.  Soon you'll be at second base … third base, and … if you have sex NOW, it’s as if you are already CHEATING on your future spouse.” 

Every message I learned was ripe with sexual shame.  You see, I cut my teeth on the story of Eve who ate from the Tree of Knowledge and offered the fruit to Adam.  Because of Eve, Original Sin was blamed on women and carried down through the centuries. The sweet heroic Jesus of my childhood was eclipsed by these teachings.  I felt shame and guilt.  Unconsciously, I was disconnected from my body, cut off at the waist, and living with an invisible chastity belt. 

I had a deep passion for meaning and a fierce devotion to the Divine. Over the next twenty years, as I studied and traveled, I came face to face with the ancient legacy of Sacred Sexuality. On this lifelong journey, I healed the disconnection within my body, and came to understand that my life - my entire spiritual and sexual history - had a purpose.  It was to prepare me for my life mission:  To work with women to heal and reclaim our Sexual Birthright. 

I call this work “Love, God and Sex”.   For me, it is the new Trinity: The Infinity Trinity. I believe sex is a gift from the Divine.  It has the power to Heal, to Create, to Transform.  It is a force of nature.

I am sounding a call to women everywhere – a call to YOU!  Re-enter the Garden.  Return to Innocence.  Heal shame and guilt.  Ignite your fire.  Re-claim your sexual passion.  Express your unique essence.  Restore the Sacred union of masculine and feminine.   Deepen the quality of your sexual pleasure.  It is your right.  It is your Divine Birthright!

I have created a 9-week curriculum, where we meet in the safety of a circle of women and experience powerful practices that open our minds, heal our hearts, and free our bodies.

In so doing, we reclaim our Erotic Truth and activate our Sacred Sizzle.

It is there, I promise.  It is waiting for you!     

Option to meet online available. Please contact me.